Industry 4.0

Safe autonomous navigation

Pilz now offers manufacturers a comprehensive safety solution in accordance with ISO 3691-4 for freely navigating mobile platforms – for an efficient flow of goods in production and logistics. It […]


Focus on productivity

Steinel’s product portfolio includes guide units, nitrogen systems, tool frames, springs, active elements, thread formers, tool modules and complete tools. They are manufactured 100 percent in Germany. In addition to […]


Efficient tool change

Short non-productive times are crucial for productivity in stamping and forming technology. The faster a mold change takes place, the faster the plant can continue production. At Blechexpo, Roemheld will […]


The servo pioneer

Founded in 1917, Aida was, according to its self-description, the first company in the world to develop and market presses with servo drive (DSF – Direct Servo Former). To date, […]