Threading tools for sheet metal working

Der Gewindefurcher Duramax N mit TiN-Beschichtung © Bass

As soon as internal threads are produced in sheet metal working, the tool of choice is the thread cutter – also known as thread former. Compared to classic thread cutting, however, thread forming involves completely chip-free machining.

Forming tools use the flowability of the machined material to groove the internal thread. Accordingly, not only is there no need to remove chips, they cannot be dragged along on the sheet metal workers’ production lines.

This property, combined with long tool life and process reliability, is what sets Bass’ Duramax family of thread formers apart. Special geometries allow their use in a very wide range of materials including steel and stainless steel, but also brass or copper.
From the tapping unit to conventional machining, the thread formers of the South German manufacturer are suitable for every application. Special connections for manufacturers such as Trumpf or Amada are available as standard.

The thread formers of the Duramax family stand for high cutting speeds and long tool lives. Bass customers have access to a wide range of catalog products for sheet metal processing as well as individual solutions tailored to their specific applications. Thus, each tool can also be manufactured with internal coolant supply and radial coolant outlet (KR), optimized for the use of minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) or classically for the “oil spitter”.
In addition, the tool manufacturer supplies the thread formers in the desired batch size.

As a specialist in internal thread machining, Bass is not only on hand to help you select the optimum product for your individual application. The application technology department runs processes with the customer, identifies potentials in machining and accompanies series production.


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