Machine safety: Manage authorizations centrally

Mit Pilz Experten im Gespräch: Wie lassen sich individuelle Berechtigungen einfach und zentral verwalten? Die Antwort stellt Pilz auf den regionalen Fachmessen für Industrieautomation „all about automation“ vor. © Pilz

How can users manage individual authorizations for machines and systems easily and centrally? Experts from Pilz will answer these and other questions relating to safe access authorization management at the regional industrial automation trade fairs “all about automation” in Hamburg (25 and 26 January 2023), Friedrichshafen (7 and 8 March 2023) and Heilbronn (10 and 11 May 2023).

The focus of the Pilz trade fair presentation: The PITreader digital access authorization system with RFID technology, which consists of a readout unit with the associated transponder keys. Users receive the machine release adapted to their individual task on their RFID transponder. To gain access to a machine or system, they use it to authorize themselves at the safety door. If several PITreaders are in use in a company, they are organized using the User Authentication Service (UAS) software tool. This has a central authorization database and enables the connection between a user management software in the company with PITreader. Pilz experts use the trade fair model to show how administrators can maintain an overview and save time even when using multiple PITreaders.

Meet Talk Lounge: “What is a significant change?”

In Hamburg and Friedrichshafen, speakers from Pilz will explain how to assess a significant change during a retrofit as part of their talk in the Talk Lounge. Interested visitors will learn when the operator becomes the manufacturer. This is because an evaluation of the measures is specified for the conversion of a machine. If this shows that there has been a significant change, the machine must be assessed as a new machine in accordance with the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). This means that the requirements for placing on the market (conformity assessment procedure) must be met.

In Heilbronn, on the other hand, Pilz experts will be answering the question of the most important changes arising for machine manufacturers and operators as a result of the new Machinery Ordinance. The lecture series is free of charge for the visitors.