Successes in environmental protection

Precision Micro optimiert die ganze Prozesskette in Hinblick auf Ressourcenschonung und Schadstoffreduktion. © Precision Micro

Precision Micro, a leading photochemical etching company in Europe, announced a number of environmental improvements in its first ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) report.

A 45 percent reduction in waste and an increase in recycling rates to 98 percent are just two of the items in the report from the company, which is based at Fort Dunlop near Birmingham, UK. However, Precision Micro is not satisfied with just reducing the amount of waste. Another goal is to reduce the use of single-use plastic articles and increase the proportion of packaging made from recyclable or recycled material.

Other important points in the report revolve around the company’s energy consumption. Although electricity still accounts for more than 80 percent of the energy used in photochemical etching, the report confirms that 100 percent of this energy comes from renewable sources.
Various measures have been taken to reduce the company’s overall energy consumption. These include special machines for more efficient production processes and an energy audit to analyze energy use in more detail. This audit resulted in several positive changes in 2022, including voltage optimization at the site and upgraded LED lighting.

In addition to these energy savings, the company has also announced that 35 percent of the water used in photochemical etching will have been recycled by 2022. This was made possible by a data-driven approach to reducing water consumption and investing in new machinery.
But the report doesn’t just highlight Precision Micro’s past accomplishments in improving sustainability; it also highlights several other environmental improvements the company plans to make in the future.
Precision Micro is currently exploring ways to supplement energy use with sustainable on-site power generation. For this purpose, the feasibility of solar energy in the entire object is currently being investigated.

Tim Barrett, Precision Micro’s CEO, said, “Everything we do here at Precision Micro is about improving the lives of everyone. This requires an approach that puts sustainability at the center of everything we do. Our latest ESG report highlights some of the excellent results we’ve achieved in the area of environmental stewardship, but our efforts must continue. We are working on several initiatives that build on our recent successes and strive to make conserving energy part of our corporate culture. We actively use data to identify trends and opportunities to improve environmental stewardship, and we conduct energy conservation and awareness campaigns throughout the year with our employees to continue to improve each year.”