New solutions and know-how

Für das automatisierte Entgraten präsentieren die Aussteller nicht nur verschiedene innovative Lösungen, dem Thema ist auch eine Sonderschaufläche gewidmet. © Botzian & Kirch GmbH

From October 10 to 12, 2023, the deburring and surface finishing industry will meet again at DeburringExpo at Messe Karlsruhe. Market and technology leaders, hidden champions, start-ups and research institutions will present innovative and further developed solutions and services for the current and future challenges in these quality and cost-relevant manufacturing steps. The internationally unique range of exhibitors is rounded off by a supporting program with theme parks and a bilingual specialist forum.

Numerous innovations and further developments will also be presented in the area of deburring tools, for example the world's first chamfer milling cutter with a V-shaped cutting edge that completely avoids secondary burrs. © Kempf
Numerous innovations and further developments will also be presented in the area of deburring tools, for example the world’s first chamfer milling cutter with a V-shaped cutting edge that completely avoids secondary burrs.
© Kempf

Manufacturing companies currently face major challenges in order to remain competitive. Production steps such as deburring, edge rounding, component cleaning and surface finishing often take a back seat – unjustifiably so. Because there is enormous potential for optimization in these production processes. Therefore, DeburringExpo shows investment decision-makers, developers and designers, technical buyers, manufacturing and production managers ways and solutions to improve processes and make them more economical and resource-saving.
“On the one hand, the numerous innovations and further developments presented by the exhibitors at the leading trade fair for deburring technologies and precision surfaces speak for this. In addition, the focus is on solutions to counteract the shortage of skilled workers,” reports Hartmut Herdin, Managing Director of the private trade fair organizer FairXperts GmbH & Co. KG. “On the other hand, the supporting program with various theme parks and the specialist forum is also designed to provide companies with impetus and ideas for optimizing processes, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.”

Innovations and further developments for many tasks

Whether market or technology leader, hidden champion, start-up or research institution – traditionally, exhibitors use DeburringExpo to present innovations and further developments to the trade audience for the first time. These include world firsts such as a self-learning deburring robot for geared parts and the first chamfer milling cutter with a V-shaped cutting edge, which avoids secondary burrs and thus subsequent deburring processes. New equipment and methods for the fully automated deburring and cleaning of components in a single process – using both high-pressure water jetting and ultrasonics or dry CO2 granules – will also be presented. In the area of micromachining and the efficient and resource-saving production of application-oriented surfaces, new and further developed products, technologies, processes and services also enable competitive optimization.

Theme parks on areas relevant to competition

The three theme parks also provide impetus for mastering current and future challenges. For example, the “Quality Assurance in the Deburring Process” section provides targeted information on different measuring methods and their strengths and limitations in order to demonstrate compliance with increasingly stringent specifications in deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing. The special show area “Automated Deburring” presents the latest possibilities for automating the polishing, grinding and deburring of components with robots, which also helps to counter the shortage of skilled workers.
Whether before or after deburring, technical cleanliness in line with requirements is an essential prerequisite for the quality of subsequent machining processes and thus for high-quality components. Corresponding methods and processes are presented in the “Cleaning after deburring” theme park.

Bilingual expert forum – knowledge, trends and best practice applications

“Complementing the exhibitors’ cross-technology, cross-material and cross-industry range of solutions, DeburringEXPO ensures effective knowledge transfer with its integrated, three-day specialist forum,” explains Hartmut Herdin. The program with a total of 23 simultaneous (German <> English) translated presentations by experts from industry and science is divided into the five lecture blocks: “Mechanical deburring”, “Quality assurance”, “Automated deburring with industrial robots”, “Cleaning after deburring” and “Non-mechanical deburring”. The presentations will focus on fundamentals, ways to optimize processes and costs, reports on best-practice applications and trends. Participation is free of charge for visitors to the leading trade show, as is a copy of the updated and expanded brochure “Basic Knowledge of Deburring Technology” in German and English.