Mission: Smart Filtering 4.0

The new AirCube is offered in 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW and 11 kW power ratings and is suitable for various applications. © Teka
The new AirCube is offered in 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW and 11 kW power ratings and is suitable for various applications. © Teka

More efficient, more sustainable and, above all, smarter than any filter system on the market to date. This is the product promise that the AirCube, Teka’s latest product, aims to fulfill. Digitalization in extraction and filtration technology is thus receiving new impetus and is also reaching small and medium-sized companies in particular.

Behind the “Smart Filtering” mission is above all an increase in performance. The intelligent system enables resource-saving work and at the same time offers more efficiency in extraction and filtration. Its intelligent technology thus enables greater process reliability for the highest-quality products. With the VarioControl control system at its heart, the plant offers added value through networking and thus, according to the supplier, “meets the demands of Industry 5.0”, as it is able to conduct communication via MQTT or with OPC UA interfaces from machine to machine.

“With the AirCube, we offer a plant at the highest level that can be used in a variety of ways. It represents our most digitized plant and meets the Ready-to-Go standards of IBN 4.0. It reduces downtimes, can decide independently in smart factory use whether exhaust or recirculated air is required, saves air and energy, reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions, and can be automatically controlled depending on the process. In the process, it significantly improves the air quality in the working environment,” says Simon Telöken, Teka Managing Director. The AirCube can be used anywhere in the world where metals are processed thermally or mechanically and fumes and dusts are generated during the machining process.

Coordinated performance levels

With power ratings between 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW and 11 kW, the new Teka system is predestined for various applications. As standard, all AirCube units are equipped with integrated spark trap, frequency converter and automatic filter cleaning. The filter and motor control is integrated in the fully galvanized and coated plant housing. This makes the system particularly easy to install in terms of plug-and-play. The standard package also includes the MQTT interface and spare parts management via Teka VarioControl, which enables state-of-the-art predictive maintenance.
“Precisely because the AirCube is smart and ready to plug in, we expect to move into the production halls internationally in the short term,” Simon Telöken continues.

In the Factory Server, which communicates with the plant, production profiles such as cutting stainless steel or mild steel, grinding on machines or welding can be created. Thus, the system automatically drives exhaust air depending on the production situation, increases or reduces the cleaning cycles on the nano-filter cartridges, or adjusts the suction power and flow rates.
The documentation of the multivoltage-capable system is digital, the data exchange takes place via MQTT. The serial monitoring of compressed air and power as well as the external contacts that can be used to control various add-ons are convincing product arguments with which Teka intends to drive the digital transformation in the field of filter technology, especially in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Upgrade packages

Six different upgrade packages allow users to configure the AirCube to suit their specific needs and make it even smarter. Thus, the compressed air upgrade consists of compressed air sensor, flow sensor, compressed air monitoring including data interface for statistics. Package 2 is about process air monitoring – temperature. The energy management of the plant can be controlled via the Upgrade 3: Here, the current consumption in each phase is determined and monitored. A data interface takes over the determination of consumption. Upgrade 4 integrates the OPC UA interface for all sensors. Package 5 can be used to combine various 2-way distributors, consisting of a motor-driven exhaust and recirculating air circuit including interface as well as transition piece. The AirCube is also frequently requested with a signal tower as wall mounting, with which the AirCube can be monitored visually. Upgrade 7 hides the Airtracker room air monitoring system. The IBN Box rounds off the “construction kit” of the intelligent AirCube.

About Teka
Teka Absaug- und Entsorgungstechnologie GmbH has been one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of extraction and filtration systems for industry, trade, crafts and laboratories for more than 25 years. As a reliable partner and expert for clean air in the workplace, Teka supplies international medium-sized companies and corporations from the metalworking industry, the electrical industry and laboratory technology. Teka systems ensure healthy indoor air and thus comprehensive health protection for employees and contribute to environmental protection. The product range includes serial mobile and stationary systems, special designs as well as complex system solutions for the cutting industry and the VAC series for powerful burner-integrated extraction. The product portfolio is supplemented by cutting, welding and flame-cutting tables as well as visual and sound protection. The Viroline series offers effective protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi and reduces the aerosol concentration of the room air.

Around 150 employees work hand in hand in development, production and sales to offer tailor-made solutions internationally with intensive consulting, service and installation services. Almost all Teka products meet the safety requirements for the highest welding fume separation class and have been awarded the “W3” quality certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 15012-1.