High efficiency and simple operation

The welding cells also allow pendulum operation. Image: © Demmeler
The welding cells also allow pendulum operation. Image: © Demmeler

Simply set up at the desired location and start welding. With the Demmeler Cobot WeldSpace 4.0, a quick start into automated welding production is possible due to the fast commissioning of the fully equipped welding cell and the simple programming.

The design of the new Demmeler welding cell offers maximum flexibility: accessible from five sides, the system can also be loaded by crane. Using Cobot, a collaborative robot, welding processes can be automated cost-effectively even for small quantities and individual pieces. The enclosure, which is completely closed during the welding process, complies with current environmental and safety standards.

Parallel welding, set-up and reclamping

The automatic movement of the enclosure from Space A to Space B by 900 mm creates around 3 m² of additional working space and enables work to be carried out in shuttle mode. While the robot is welding on one side, the operator, protected by retractable roller doors with aluminium armour and integrated welding protection glass, can set up and reclamp in parallel on the Demmeler 3D welding table on the other side (two-station operation). The further optional division of the workspace Space A into A1 and A2 by means of a partition even creates an additional workstation (three-station operation).

The modular welding table in Space A has a size of 2400 x 1200 mm and is available in the system sizes D28, D22 and D16. Important clamping tools are stored within easy reach by means of the integrated toolbox. In order to reach all work areas easily, the Cobot is mounted centrally on the ceiling and travels with the enclosure.

The Space B work area offers space for larger components and fixtures, which can also be placed directly on the hall floor. Optionally, Space B can be equipped with an additional welding table (max. dimension 2000 x 1000 mm) or a new type of two-axis manipulator. This ensures the correct positioning of the workpieces: During the work process, employees usually have to reclamp components several times or weld a ridge seam in a forced position.

For optimum welding results, the powerful two-axis manipulator positions workpieces weighing up to 500 kg in the tub position and without reclamping. Thanks to the rotary axis of the manipulator, even circumferential welds can be welded without any problems.

The Space B work area offers space for larger components and fixtures, which can also be placed directly on the hall floor. Image: © Demmeler
The Space B work area offers space for larger components and fixtures, which can also be placed directly on the hall floor. Image: © Demmeler

The new way of programming

Without many clicks, the Demmeler WeldSpace programming and operating concept (DWSPK) makes it possible to create professional welding programs quickly and easily. The user has full access to all relevant functions with only one control panel. Even employees without programming knowledge can easily learn to control the robot using the three buttons on the handle.

By activating the free-drive function, the cobot can be moved by hand to the place where welding is to be carried out. Intermediate waypoints and sections are also programmed in this way at the touch of a button. The operator can access and select the stored programs of the welding machine with all important parameters via the Demmeler Cobot interface. The Cobot WeldSpace 4.0 control also includes templates for optimized standard welding processes. This results in perfect and reproducible weld seams with significantly increased productivity.

Fast amortization

The simple programming and the high flexibility of the system make it possible to weld many workpieces automatically in a very short time. In this way, not only series but also very small quantities as well as individual pieces are produced economically. The Cobot WeldSpace 4.0 produces good welding results in consistently high and reproducible quality, with high flexibility and performance.

High safety standard

The safety concept offers comprehensive occupational safety: The completely closed enclosure with rolling doors made of aluminum armor and welding protection glass avoids the main risks in cobot welding, such as the robot and manipulator movement itself, flashing of the eyes by the arc and contact with the welding wire and torch that heats up during welding. The rising welding smoke is extracted from above via the standard connection option of a central extraction system or an individual system. LED strips at all four corners of the system indicate the status in colour, for example whether welding and set-up are currently in progress or whether there is a malfunction. The high safety standard of the entire welding cell is confirmed by the CE marking.