Finest weld seams for excellent quality

Fine Weld is an extremely low spatter MSG short arc for mixed gas and CO2 welding. © Cloos
Fine Weld is an extremely low spatter MSG short arc for mixed gas and CO2 welding. © Cloos

With Fine Weld, Cloos presents a new energy-reduced, current-controlled MSG short arc process for mixed gas andCO2 welding. Due to the minimized spattering, Fine Weld is especially suitable for thin, coated sheets and fine seams that are in the visible area.

With Fine Weld, the lowest possible current flows in an arc phase before a droplet short circuit occurs. When the liquid wire end comes into contact with the molten bath, a melt bridge should form as unhindered as possible. For this purpose, the current is reduced even further for a short time. The short-circuit current, which is then significantly increased to produce the pinch effect, is very quickly reduced to low values again shortly before the short-circuit is dissolved, i.e. before the fusible link is separated. This keeps the power in the newly ignited arc low and the molten pool quieter due to the lower arc pressure. A short, non-critical current pulse thereafter ensures optimum droplet formation at the end of the wire.

The stable arc is characterised by optimum gap bridgeability and can be excellently controlled in all welding positions. With Fine Weld, users reduce workpiece distortion through controllable heat input. The minimized spatter formation reduces time-consuming rework and guarantees the highest weld seam quality.

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