Automatic bending for beginners

High-end functions at low cost: Multibend Center Eco from RAS © RAS
High-end functions at low cost: Multibend Center Eco from RAS © RAS

The bending center Multibend-Center Eco from RAS is a cost-effective entry-level solution for the automatic bending of panels and boxes. At the same time, the machine offers the entire range of functions of a high-end bending center. The compact and space-saving Eco version is available in two working lengths: 2160 mm, 2560 mm and 3060 mm.

The Multibend Center Eco starts with a manual loading station. There the operator places the punched or lasered blanks. Collets hold the blanks in position at the front, while the Magic Eye board scanner automatically measures the board. The measured values are used to position a slanted blank up to the bending line. Due to the design of the main manipulator, the measurement of the subsequent blank can already take place while the bending cell is still working on the current bent part. The pre-alignment shortens the cycle times and speeds up the processes.

After the main manipulator takes over the blank, it positions it on the bend line with hundredths of a millimeter accuracy and rotates it into position with thousandths of a degree accuracy. Precision that is reflected in highly accurate bent parts and extreme repeatability.

Once on the bending line, the upper and lower beam clamp the workpiece and the bending beam bends it up or down to any desired angle. The patented bending process results in scratch-free forming of even sensitive materials and eliminates tool wear. Envelopes, radii and special bending shapes are feasible without special tools.

Complete tool set included in delivery

Keyword tools: The equipment package includes a complete set of tools for the upper beam, bending beam and lower beam. Also included is a set of swivel foot corner pieces for turning in and out of already bent side legs. A tool changer automatically sets the segments of the upper cheek tools to position.

The tool changer can set up tools either symmetrically or asymmetrically to the center of the machine, which is necessary for off-center clamped (for example due to a window cutout) or angled bent parts. A double belt discharge conveys the finished bent parts back to the operator.

The ECO version can also be supplemented with the revolutionary one-click programming of the bending parts. The programmer drags and drops the existing step file of the bending profile into the Bendex software. The bent part is programmed with a single mouse click.

If the software finds alternative bending options, it automatically evaluates the variants and suggests the best bending strategy with a 5-star ranking. If the operator wants to check the bending sequence in advance, he is welcome to do so using a 3-D simulation. However, it is also possible to go one step further and make the software available to the designer of the components so that he can check in advance whether his ideas can be implemented on the machine.

Including online support in the first year

Technical support is an important feature especially in the early stages. The equipment package therefore includes free online support for service and application questions in the first year. In order to be able to benefit from future developments of the software, a software update package of the Bendex Office software can be purchased.