One for two

Mit der MultiTherm von Messer Cutting Systems erlebt Jacquet Metallservice ein völlig neues Produktivitätslevel. © Messer Cutting Systems

Often, older cutting machines cannot keep up with the increased demands of metalworking companies. If, during modernization, a few new machines then work much more productively than several old ones, the investment pays off twice over. Jacquet Metallservice GmbH in Ohlsdorf also made this special experience and is pleased about a new productivity level with the MultiTherm from Messer Cutting Systems.

“In order to further expand our market leadership, we had set ourselves the goal of improving quality, significantly increasing our efficiency and optimizing our services,” explains engineer Walter Petermeier, Managing Director and Project Manager at Jacquet Metallservice. “We also wanted to greatly reduce our response time by maximizing machine utilization with minimal downtime,” adds Markus Reitinger, the company’s workshop manager. The two old plasma cutting machines could no longer cope with these increased demands from Jacquet.

Therefore, it was important to find a productive system that would use one machine to replace the two existing machines without much loss of production. In the days of Corona and the difficulties caused by supply chain disruptions, this was not at all an easy undertaking to realize.
Support in the selection of the machine then came from the German colleagues in Bochum: Jacquet Metallservice’s sister company in Ohlsdorf was already using a machine from Messer Cutting Systems – and everyone was delighted with the price-performance ratio and the quality of the cuts.

Quick decision

Contact was quickly established with Gerald Wimmer, the responsible consultant and head of Messer Cutting Systems Austria, and agreement was reached in no time: Jacquet opted for a MultiTherm with a working area three meters wide and twelve meters long. The machine is completed by a Hypertherm HPR 800XD and a water table from Beuting. “We use it to cut stainless steel up to a thickness of 150 millimeters with plasma under water, with nitrogen (N) and argon-hydrogen (H35),” Reitinger explains.

Whether plasma (vertical or bevel), multi-torch oxyfuel cutting, laser (vertical or bevel), marking, drilling or a combination of all the above processes – the MultiTherm is designed for a wealth of applications thanks to its wide range of equipment options. High-performance drives for speeds up to 50 m/min enable high positioning speed. The system also achieves optimum cutting speeds for fine contours. Sufficient parking space for the units above the wheel housings ensures optimum use of the effective working width. Of course, multi-torch operation is possible in both oxyfuel and plasma modes, ensuring high productivity.
A bulkhead was also installed on the table at Jacquet Metalltechnik. This wall allows you to divide the table into two areas. This reduces downtimes when clearing the components.

Fast implementation

Due to the exact pre-planning of the project partners, the implementation could be carried out as quickly as the decision for the MultiTherm. The high level of competence on both sides was a guarantee for the very short installation time: “Messer Cutting Systems handled everything cleanly. The installation team worked excellently with our people and so we were able to dismantle the old machines and set up the new machine in a very short time. We only had a very short downtime and were quickly able to resume our normal production,” Reitinger and his workshop team are pleased to report.
Not only the fast implementation by the experts from Messer Cutting Systems gave Jacquet Metallservice reason to be pleased, the company was also fully convinced by the quality work of MultiTherm: “We are very satisfied with the system and the extremely good cuts,” adds Petermaier.