New welding solutions for aluminum and copper

Pulverbasierende Laserbeschichtung einer Bremsscheibe © Laserline

At EuroBlech 2022, Laserline presented a wide range of diode laser solutions for industrial series production. Key topics include aluminum welding with hot wire, copper welding with blue 3-kW CW diode lasers, and corrosion and wear protection coatings, including brake disc cladding to reduce urban particulate pollution.

Diode laser specialist Laserline will present new solutions for the processing of aluminum, copper and steel components at EuroBlech 2022. Highlights include a Hot Wire Aluminum Welding process solution developed by Lincoln Electric. It offers significantly greater process stability than conventional aluminum joining processes and scores points for reduced heat input into the base material as well as high process speed with high seam qualities. The heating of the wire in advance of the welding process, which is realized by Joule heating, enables a more efficient and targeted use of the laser energy and thus optimizes the economy of the application. In addition to classic joining processes, the process is also of interest for buildup welding applications.

Aluminum welding with hot wire © Lincoln Electric
Aluminum welding with hot wire
© Lincoln Electric

For the industrially increasingly important processing of copper components – whether in electrical drive technology, electronics or additive manufacturing – Laserline presents the world’s first blue diode laser with 3 kW CW output power. It represents the current highest performance class of industrial lasers in the blue wavelength spectrum, which is absorbed by copper far better than infrared radiation. The power increase to 3 kW at 30mm-mrad beam quality and ~445 nm wavelength enables processing of larger cross sections as well as faster welding processes with lower heat input. When joining sheets, the usual welding depth can be doubled, and when joining hairpins, the previously possible cross-section can be doubled. In drive technology, this makes blue diode lasers suitable for the production of larger electric motors, and in additive manufacturing for the construction of large and solid components made of copper and copper alloys.

The third focus of Laserline’s presence at the trade show will be powder-based cladding solutions for the realization of corrosion and wear coatings, including a high-speed process suitable for series production for the hard coating of brake discs. It enables the construction of very thin yet resistant coatings that combine corrosion and abrasion protection and reduce brake dust generation by up to 90 percent – an important contribution to reducing health-critical urban particulate pollution. All solution approaches will also be brought closer at the trade show booth by means of component samples as well as videos and animated presentations.

Facts & Figures

Laserline GmbH, based in Mülheim-Kärlich near Koblenz, was founded in 1997. As a leading international manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial material processing, the company has become the embodiment of this technology and can look back on more than 25 years of history. Nearly 6,000 high-power diode lasers from Laserline are currently in use worldwide, proving their performance in a wide variety of processes and applications. Laserline currently employs around 350 people and has international offices in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, South Korea and India, as well as representatives in Europe (France, Great Britain, Italy) and in the Asia-Pacific region (Australia, Taiwan). The company is focused on sustainable growth. The construction of an extensive building complex on the site in Mülheim-Kärlich has already created the spatial prerequisites for the future expansion of development and production.


Euroblech Hall 26, Booth J52)