Mobile robots under a new name

Nach der Integration von Asti in den Geschäftsbereich Robotik lanciert ABB autonome mobile Roboter (AMRs) unter neuer Marke. © ABB

Following the acquisition of Asti Mobile Robotics 2021, ABB is now launching the first series of rebranded autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

ABB offers a complete portfolio of machine automation, robotics and AMR solutions. © ABB
ABB offers a complete portfolio of machine automation, robotics and AMR solutions.

“At a time when companies are looking for robotic solutions to become more efficient, flexible and resilient, we are the only company that supports them with an integrated offering of AMRs, robots and machine automation technologies,” asserts Marc Segura, head of ABB’s Robotics Division. “As a result, our customers now have the opportunity to work with a partner that provides everything they need to address the opportunities and challenges of customization, labor shortages and disrupted supply chains. Our rebranding highlights the simplicity and advantage of the integrated solutions we offer our customers.”

Asti Mobile Robotics’ solutions will be integrated into ABB’s portfolio under the new Flexley brand, with the name intended to refer to the operational flexibility offered by AMRs. The first to be launched are the Flexley Tug and Flexley Mover models, which enable the pulling of trolleys weighing up to 2,000 kg and the lifting and transporting of racks, containers and pallets weighing up to 1,500 kg.

In addition to Asti’s laser scanner-based 2D SLAM navigation, future ABB autonomous mobile robots will also benefit from VSLAM technology from Swiss start-up and ABB partner Sevensense Robotics, which enables mobile robots to navigate in complex and dynamic environments. This opens up new possibilities for flexible manufacturing. AI-based technology lets ABB’s AMRs act as autonomously as the arms of ABB robots, while helping to make work more productive and safer for humans.

Asti's integration into ABB includes a complete rebranding of all offices and facilities. © ABB
The integration of Asti into ABB includes a complete rebranding of all offices and facilities.

“The market for autonomous mobile robots is expected to grow significantly at a compound annual growth rate of about 24 percent between 2021 and 2028,” expects Verónica Pascual Boé, head of the AMR business unit at ABB Robotics, citing a related market study ( “By integrating Asti’s AMR product range and establishing our global manufacturing and support network, we are well equipped to meet this growth. We are also providing our customers with new capabilities to address their supply chain-related challenges and meet the demands for greater flexibility and speed as Internet commerce increases.”

ABB already provides AMR solutions for customer projects and, together with its strategic partner Expert Technology Group in the UK, will provide a complete AMR-based assembly line for a technology start-up producing revolutionary electric vehicle powertrain components. ABB’s automation solution uses robots in combination with vision function packages and AMRs to move products between robotic automation cells and manual assembly stations.
The name Asti will continue to be used by the Asti Foundation, which was established in 2017 with the aim of training young people and providing them with the necessary qualifications for the age of digital transformation.