Artificial intelligence in production

Michael Jürgens, Head of AGV Solutions ©Kuka
Michael Jürgens, Head of AGV Solutions ©Kuka

Kuka’s digital press meeting series under the motto “For a coffee with …” went into the third round. This time Michael Jürgens, Head of AGV Solutions, and Markus Steppberger, Head of System Development at Kuka, immersed the participants in the world of artificial intelligence. The focus here: driverless transport vehicles in an automated, networked production – controlled by the intelligent software Kuka AIVI.

Markus Steppberger, Head of System Development at Kuka © Kuka
Markus Steppberger, Head of System Development at Kuka
© Kuka

The virtual discussion round began with the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution: “Digital change, global competition and increasing diversity of variants with fluctuating batch sizes demand flexible production,” said Michael Jürgens. “We meet these requirements with our intelligent driverless transport systems.” Intelligent heart of flexible production The market increasingly demands fully automated, locally flexible and scalable intralogistics; solutions for flexible and demand-oriented production are in demand. “With our AI-based Kuka AIVI master control system, nothing stands in the way of intelligently networked production,” Markus Steppberger promised.

The software solution contributes to the fact that static production facilities are increasingly being replaced by flexibly designed facilities. “AIVI, the intelligent heart of a plant, uses artificial intelligence to control the driverless transport vehicles – or AGVs for short – and ensures on the one hand the optimal flow of materials to the production line and on the other hand the perfect utilization of the AGVs. Customers thus invest in a more targeted manner and benefit from lower investment costs,” explained Steppberger. The team has already been able to successfully prove that this concept also proves itself in practice, for example in body construction at BMW.

The key to success:

The people behind Kuka’s solutions were also the focus of the digital coffee break: Kuka’s AGV Solutions team combines skills in high-level language development and comprehensive knowledge in the field of intelligent software solutions as well as a high level of expertise in robot-based plant engineering. “The experience gained from daily work in the environment of intelligent systems and robots at Kuka, combined with enthusiasm and IIoT know-how are our key to success,” affirmed Jürgens. “State-of-the-art solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things together with innovative and customized automation solutions enable us to successfully implement all intralogistics production processes for faster throughput times, a more efficient supply chain and thus higher production profitability.”