The Ultras come

Die NC5 Ultra ist vorgesehen für zahlreiche Schneideaufgaben sowohl in 2-D als auch in vollständigem 3-D und für fast jede Art von Material. © Waterjet Sweden

Water Jet Sweden (WJS) has also shown full commitment during the pandemic so far, enabling the company to adapt several of its products to new market requirements. In addition, a completely new machine concept was presented at EuroBlech: The NC5 Ultra takes another step into the future of modern waterjet cutting.

The NC5 Ultra is a compact and slimmer version of the large FiveX 3-D cutting machine. © Waterjet Sweden
The NC5 Ultra is a compact and slimmer version of the large FiveX 3D cutter.
© Waterjet Sweden

To introduce the new machine concept, Water Jet Sweden chose EuroBlech as the appropriate setting.

“The trade show also provided an ideal stage for presenting the NC5 Ultra concept,” emphasizes Lennart Svensson, managing director and chairman of Water Jet Sweden. “The show, with its international reach, appeals to visitors from all over the world.”
The presentation was attended not only by the media but also by a large crowd of interested representatives of partners, customers and competitors.

The concept was well received by the trade audience. “We received a lot of positive feedback, and there were interested inquiries throughout the duration of the show,” adds Lennart Svensson.

Next generation waterjet cutting

The NC5 Ultra is a compact and slimmer version of the large FiveX 3D cutter. It is intended for numerous cutting tasks in both 2-D and full 3-D and for almost any type of material. The NC5 Ultra concept is very slim, light and stable thanks to a new design platform. Accessibility and visibility have also been improved.

“We have seen a growing need for advanced options in the waterjet cutting market. With the new machine, we can now also meet future needs as they will occur in most mechanical workshops around the world,” explains Lennart Svensson.
With the NC5 Ultra, Water Jet Sweden is once again expanding its already broad portfolio of cutting systems. The offer ranges from the 2-D entry-level machine to micro-machining and large systems for large and unusual material formats. All plants are covered by the unique five-year performance guarantee.

Facts about the NC5 Ultra

Technical data
Construction: Portal (patented guide system from WJS)
Frame: Steel, full walls
Cutting table: stainless steel freestanding tank
CNC system: Fanuc
3D cutting: WJS FiveX Ultra 120°
Pressure: 4200 bar technology (60,000 PSI)
Work table: 2880 mm × 2275 mm (9′ 5.4″ × 7′ 5.6″)
Working area 2-D (X, Y, Z) 2400 mm × 1710 mm × 540 mm
Working area 3-D :(X, Y, Z) 2080 mm × 1390 mm × 650 mm

Positioning accuracy: ±0.050 mm/m (±0.002″/3′ 3.37″)
Repeatability: ±0.025 mm (±0.001″)
A-axis movement: > ±120
C-axis movement: ±400
Transmission accuracy A- and C-axis: < 1 arcmin
Repeatability A- and C-axis: < ±6 arcmin
Motion (all axes): interpolated 12 m/min (32.8′/min)

Functional tools
Functions for sophisticated 3D editing are included. Workpiece measuring probe, water level control, fixture attachment points and work area lighting.