Scan metal parts flawlessly

Metallkörper mit Aesub-Spray behandelt. © Aesub

Metal parts are often shiny and sometimes have severe indentations. These surfaces cannot be fully captured by many scanners. It helps here to matt the surfaces with a scanning spray, for example from Aesub.

The same part, sprayed with Aesub blue: all surfaces are now clearly visible and correctly recorded. © Aesub
The same part, sprayed with Aesub blue: all surfaces are now clearly visible and correctly captured.
© Aesub

With the Aesub spray, shiny metal surfaces are matted in seconds and can be measured immediately. The scanner can fully capture the matte surfaces, so reliable part data is available faster. Particularly in small series and prototype production or first article inspection, scanning sprays help to accelerate the measuring processes and thus the machining sequences and to avoid scrap.

We recommend sublimating scanning sprays, which dissolve completely after a short time and thus save subsequent cleaning of the component and machine. Aesub currently offers three sprays with different sublimation times. These special scanning sprays have several advantages:

1. measure glossy and reflective surfaces faster; speed up machining process. Components are matted within a few seconds, resulting in high contrast values so that the measurement process can start immediately.

2. less scrap: Better data collection reduces or eliminates scrap.

3. ideal for inline measurement: components can be sprayed directly in the machine. The machining process can be continued quickly.

4. spray sublimates, no subsequent cleaning: Processing machine and electronics are not damaged because the spray is completely sublimated. Components do not need to be cleaned from the spray after measurement. Especially in the case of sewers or deep boreholes, time-consuming cleaning is saved.

5. pigment-free: Aesub sublimating sprays are pigment-free. It does not contain titanium dioxide, which is hazardous to health.

Not all sprays are created equal

There are now a large number of different scanning sprays, which vary in terms of layer thickness, sublimation time, ingredients and grip strength. The most important features are the even application and the sublimation capability.

For a homogeneous spray coating, the sprays must be very fine and must be able to be applied without dripping. With inferior sprays, reliable measurement results are not possible due to uneven application. If the sprays are too liquid, drops and puddles will form. If they are too thick, the material application is too strong. This will falsify the measurement results.

The scanning sprays from Aesub can be applied very finely and evenly. Depending on the spray Aesub variant – Aesub, the layer thickness is between 0.5 and 15 µm.

The scan of the shiny metal part is unusable. © Aesub
The scan of the shiny metal part is unusable.
© Aesub

Sublimating sprays are gentle on man and machine

Conventional sprays adhere stubbornly to components and adjacent areas. Non-sublimating sprays cannot be used for measurements in the machine. Cleaning the machine and the component would be extremely time-consuming, if possible at all. For applications on and in the machine, scanning sprays must be sublimating.

The spray variants of Aesub have different sublimation times. They are used depending on the size of the component or the required scan time. Sublimation times range from one hour to twelve hours.

The ingredients also play an important role in the use of scanning sprays. Some sprays contain pigments and titanium dioxide, which is hazardous to health. Pigment-free sprays, such as those from Aesub, should therefore be used to protect employees.
With scanning sprays, reliable measurement results are available more quickly. Machining programs can be adapted more quickly, significantly speeding up production processes. The handling is simple. Aesub sprays can be applied by spray cans or with the help of a spray gun. Within a few hours, the spray layer has disappeared again.