Process monitoring supports solutions for electromobility

Captions: Marposs_Brankamp_X3s with a function for automatic control of the plunge depth for high-speed presses. © Marposs
Captions: Marposs_Brankamp_X3s with a function for automatic control of the immersion depth for high-speed presses. © Marposs

Brankamp’s decades of experience in the cold forming, forging and stamping industries was incorporated into the extensive product range of process monitoring, control and precision measuring devices for forming and stamping technology in order to improve productivity, workpiece quality and production costs. The focus is on the solutions with which intelligent process monitoring systems meet the challenges of electromobility.

When manufacturing the main components of electric vehicles, such as battery housings, rotors and stators for electric motors, or plugs and sockets, many application problems can arise, such as material cracks or pulled-up punching waste. For this reason, 100 percent in-process quality control is necessary.

Marposs developed the Brankamp-X series, which enables optimizations and more stable processes, also in electromobility, in order to avoid production downtimes and to minimize tooling and scrap costs. It increases productivity through extended runtime, reduced downtime and optimization of stroke rates.

Marposs presents the Brankamp X3s system, which allows the monitoring of various machine types and sensors using different methods. In addition to the multi-channel touch display, the X3s system has various analysis functions: automatic recording of production, setup and downtimes as well as various counters and memory functions to store all relevant monitoring and production data for different tools and jobs.

With a function of the X3s for automatic control of the plunge depth for high-speed presses, systematic changes in various process parameters such as sheet thickness, material hardness, tool and machine temperature that change during the manufacturing process are automatically compensated for in conjunction with the machine’s PLC.

Brankamp systems provide all relevant production data for data acquisition systems and are prepared for integration into Industry 4.0.