Measurement systems with enhanced connectivity and increased accuracy

Das VTLG 101/1 für dieDickenmessung an Folien mit einer Dicke zwischen 0,003 und 2,0 mm per Laser ist so kompakt, dass es in unmittelbarer Nähe des Walzspaltes eingesetzt werden kann. © Vollmer

At Metec, Vollmer will show two innovations for cold rolling of strip: The BFI roll for flatness measurement now has an evaluation via the web, which simplifies integration into the rolling process. In addition, the company is now supplying the VTLG series laser thickness gauges in variants for strip widths up to 1,480 mm and for thin films.

Vollmer is presenting a digital version of the BFI roll at the trade show. © Vollmer
Vollmer is presenting a digital version of the BFI roll at the trade show.
© Vollmer

Vollmer has digitized the interface of the BFI roll for measuring the flatness of strip: Communication with the process control of the roll stand is via TCP/IP. The parameterization of the software and the display in the new graphic design run completely via the web. Any device in the flatness calculator network that has a web browser – be it a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone – can display the measurement data.

With individually manufactured diameters between 200 and 600 mm, the BFI roller, which Vollmer manufactures according to the patent of the VDeH-Betriebsforschungsinstitut (BFI), can be integrated into almost all roll stands instead of deflection rollers. The roller body is completely closed from the outside, it can be reground on the usual roller grinding machines. The width of the measuring zones is freely selectable from 17 mm.

Laser-based thickness measurement with VTLG

Vollmer now supplies the VTLG thickness gauges with a jaw depth of up to 1,480 mm, so that they can also record a thickness transverse profile on wide belts. The new systems operate with the same high measurement resolution of 0.1 µm as the smaller ones used on narrower tapes. Also new is the VTLG 1420/20 for measuring on strips up to 20 mm thick; with a jaw width of 215 mm, they measure accurately to ± 5 µm.
Vollmer will also be exhibiting the VTLG 101/1 at the show. It is specially designed for cold rolling of foils with a thickness between 0.003 and 2.0 mm and, according to Vollmer, is the only laser measuring system available on the market that can also be used when rolling foils in the immediate vicinity of the roll gap. It operates with an absolute measuring accuracy of ± 0.5 µm.

About Friedrich Vollmer Feinmessgeräte GmbH

The development of the world’s first strip thickness gauge, which could measure the thickness of strip to within a few µm during rolling in the cold rolling stand, marks the beginning of the company’s history in 1963. Vollmer was also one of the first companies to implement flatness measurements on running strip.
Over the years, Vollmer has developed various contact gauges as well as isotope and X-ray systems for thickness measurement on strip, flatness measuring systems and roll gauges. Today, more than 2,500 strip thickness gauges and over 100 flatness measuring systems are installed in rolling mills around the world. Vollmer has equipped more than 100 roll grinding machines with roll measuring devices. Modernization of rolling stands including conversion to hydraulic adjustments as well as systems for controlling the thickness (AGC) and flatness (AFC) of strip complete the product range.
Vollmer employs around 85 people at its main plant in Hagen. In more than 30 countries, partners and subsidiaries are available to customers as contact partners and provide rapid on-site service.