Delivery performance and energy efficiency for robotic welding

Im Fokus des Automatica-Auftritts von Yaskawa stand das umfassende Motoman-Portfolio an klassischen Industrierobotern im Tragkraftbereich von 0,5 bis 800 kg. In Essen wird darüber hinaus das Thema Energierückgewinnung eine zwntrale Rolle spielen. © Yaskawa Europe

When Yaskawa again shows the entire range of robot welding in Essen, this year’s focus will be on turnkey systems from its own European system construction. Another technical highlight is the recovery of robot braking energy.

One “eye-catcher” at the booth in Essen will be a Motoman GP180 handling robot, which holds a monitor on its flange – and shows in real time how much energy it is currently saving during operation. This is made possible by a truly unique technical solution for feeding robot braking energy back into the power grid – as standard and without additional hardware.

All larger Motoman robots of the series from 35 kg payload and with the current YRC1000 robot control are able to convert kinetic energy from downward and sideways movements directly into 400 V alternating current at 50 Hz and feed it back into the mains. The energy requirement of the robot is thus significantly reduced depending on the movement pattern. The Motoman GP180 is mounted on a TSL-2000SY robot track. This – as well as a welding cell with four robots – is representative of welding systems of all sizes that Yaskawa has been planning and implementing in Allershausen near Munich for almost four decades.

This location is currently being expanded by a further hall with around 10,000 square meters of floor space. Yaskawa is thus continuing to pursue an ambitious strategy in this area, as stand manager Wolfgang Haag, Senior Key Account Manager EMEA in the Robotics Division of Yaskawa Europe, explained in the run-up to the trade show: “Our goal is European market leadership in system building by 2025.” At the same time, Yaskawa will focus even more on Europe as a production location in the future. One result of this commitment is the industry’s current unparalleled delivery performance that the robotics and welding equipment manufacturer can offer in the EMEA market.

Review of the Automatica

The Motoman AR and Motoman SP series of welding robots on display in Munich are designed to perform convincingly in demanding arc welding and cutting and spot welding tasks, respectively. The ArcWorld family also stands for turnkey, compact and cost-effective standard welding cells with Motoman robots and safety accessories. Thanks to the special design, the complete robotic cell can be moved very easily and put back into operation immediately if required.

Hall 5, Booth 5A27