3rd generation beading machines

The RAS 12.35-3 is designed for applications up to 1.75 mm sheet steel, while its big sister RAS 12.65-3 manages 3 mm sheet steel. © RAS
The RAS 12.35-3 is designed for applications up to 1.75 mm sheet steel, while its big sister RAS 12.65-3 manages 3 mm sheet steel. © RAS

RAS continues the success story of the EasyFormer beading machines and has equipped the EasyFormer-3 generation with a new 7″ touchscreen control and interesting innovations. Anyone who uses beading machines in chimney construction, insulation, for ventilation components, in the tinsmith trade, in tank construction, for hydraulic pipes or in body shops is well equipped with the RAS EasyFormer-3.

The “intelligent” beading machines RAS EasyFormer-3 learn from the operator how to bead and crimp. This leads to repeatable high quality parts in the simplest way. Learned sequences can be recalled in automatic mode. The RAS 12.35-3 is designed for applications up to 1.75 mm sheet steel, while its big sister RAS 12.65-3 manages 3 mm sheet steel. The machines show their versatility through the exchangeable rollers, which are available for all conceivable tasks.

With the 7″ touchscreen control, the entire touch surface became the screen. A clear layout provides quick access to all control functions. This shortens the learning curve for new personnel, and saving and calling up a maximum of 20 programs takes on a whole new meaning. For example, the rolls used, the selected stop plate, the stop position and the tube diameter can be stored when programs are simply saved.

The application is very easy. Once the user creates the first part, he presses the “Teach” button. The touchscreen control then automatically registers how the part is created. The operator first moves the top roller down until the cylinder is clamped between the tools.

With the foot switch, he now starts the rotation of the rollers. He controls the speed via the foot pedal as if driving a car: little pressure means slow and controlled forming, stepping on the foot pedal more strongly increases the speed up to the maximum speed. But do not worry. In learning mode, speed is not what matters. The touchscreen control screen keeps the operator constantly in the picture and indicates the position of the upper roller at all times. When the bead is sufficiently depressed, the operator lifts the upper roller and removes the finished part.

Now that the first cylinder is finished, the operator switches to automatic mode. He places the workpiece at the stop and starts the program with the foot switch. He can concentrate fully on the sheet metal, because the machine runs the previously learned program as if by magic. After the upward movement at the end, the rollers release the part. Since the actions are stored independently of the speed, the expert will run through the sequence at high speed, while the inexperienced can be a little more careful.

With non-revolving beads, the rolls reach their turning point with high accuracy during forward/reverse travel, which is advantageous for stiffening ribs. Continuous or stepwise infeed of the top roll gives the best forming results for thin and thick sheets.

In order to open up a wide field of applications for the EasyFormer beading machines, RAS offers no less than four different stop plates. The large stop plate with 360 x 330 mm contact area is made of high-strength material with 1000 N/mm² strength. The surface is ground to provide optimum precision for users’ quality products. The fence is also split so that it can also be pushed between the rollers and allows very small fence dimensions. Furthermore, an insulating stop, a round stop and a special stop for the inclined flanging rollers are available.

Should a hazardous situation ever arise, the unique UnLock function opens the top roller of the EasyFormer-3 beading machines in a flash. To do this, the operator simply pulls one of the UnLock levers on the right or left of the machine frame. This opening is possible even in the event of a power failure or if an electrical overload has occurred.

RAS supplies the EasyFormer beading machines including roller wrench and roller container, which can be hooked into the machine base at the rear. The RAS EasyFormer beading machine can contribute a great deal to versatility in daily use. In order to cope with the countless bead shapes, a comprehensive catalog of roller pairs is available from which the customer can select the right tools for his application.