Standard for short delivery times

Im Fokus der Ebu-Select-Baureihen stehen die in Bayreuth gefertigten Pressen mit Ebu-typischem Längswellenantrieb, von denen acht Modelle in Monoblock-Stahl-Schweißkonstruktion – Ebu Select M – angeboten werden. © Ebu

Since the introduction of the new series of standardized presses and automatic punching presses and small batch production, some standard models of the presses and automatic punching presses as well as the feeding technology are now permanently available from stock at Ebu in Bayreuth. From a stock built up in Bayreuth, the machines in stock can be delivered and installed at short notice.

Even peripheral equipment like this straightening machine ... © Ebu
Also peripheral equipment like this straightening machine …
© Ebu

For years, Ebu Umformtechnik was known by customers for individual solutions in the forming sector based on a sophisticated system of modules and automation solutions. From this modular system, Ebu has selected the components that have been most common and proven in the industry in recent years for the new press series Ebu Select S or M for the automatic punch presses and Ebu Select C for the C-frame press. These components have been combined in the new standardized range of presses and automatic punching machines in fixed sizes and predetermined pressing forces. “We will continue to offer individual solutions, but the focus will be on the fixed range of standardized sizes,” emphasizes Stephan Mergner, one of the managing directors at Ebu Umformtechnik.

The focus of these Ebu Select series is on the presses manufactured in Bayreuth with Ebu’s typical longitudinal shaft drive, of which eight models are offered in monoblock welded steel construction – Ebu Select M – and five models in split cast construction – Ebu Select G. The size spectrum of the standard series ranges from the smallest 800-KN machine with a table size of 1,000 mm x 800 mm to the 8000-KN press with a table size of 4,000 mm x 1,600 mm.

New to the range are three models in the Ebu Select S series. These presses are of monoblock steel-welded construction and feature a cross-shaft drive with fixed stroke and gear train. All interfaces of this press series are adapted to the Ebu modular system. Three models are offered in the series from the 2500-KN press with a table of 2,500 x 1,000 mm to the 6300-KN press with a table of 3,000 mm x 1,300 mm.

... or this roller feed are available at short notice. © Ebu
… or this roller feed are available at short notice.
© Ebu

All presses of the complex Ebu modular system can be combined throughout with all Ebu components of corresponding geometric size. This ranges from modular drive technology such as the Ebu ServoTech or a conventional drive to various die change and scrap management systems to transfer systems or even the aggregate module. When it comes to housing the aggregates, users can choose between a version above the press with all-round accessibility to the working area and the new Ebu Power Tower. In addition, there are the components for the control system. And even the automation systems from the decoiler to the straightener to the feeder can be combined with all series.

“Everything fits together. So for most applications in industry, we can relatively quickly click together the system from the Ebu modular system that meets the respective production requirements,” Harry Wölfel emphasizes. “Many prospective customers have also realized how much effort and cost can be saved if, instead of a customized machine, the next larger suitable size is selected from the Ebu modular system and configured with standard components.”
It is more cost-effective because Ebu Umformtechnik produces series of the respective machine when orders are placed. This saves manufacturing costs, and Ebu has built up immediate stock for its customers with this strategy. In times of strained supply chains, this proves to be an advantage, because many Ebu machines are available at short notice. This is particularly popular with press operators in industries that are under particular manufacturing pressure.

Forming plants are usually operated for many years – presses not infrequently for decades – and decision-makers often find it easier to modernize, automate or adapt the feeding system to new requirements with a smaller investment. This is of interest and concern to operators of C-frame presses as well as those of automatic die cutters or profilers. For these customers, too, the Ebu standard offers solutions available at short notice with electronic roll feeders, straighteners and decoilers – including a number of features that make life easier for the user.