Reduced personnel bottleneck

Niagara, the gantry solution for unmanned and safe operation of the BvL basket washer © BvL
Niagara, the gantry solution for unmanned and safe operation of the BvL basket washing system © BvL

Solution in times of shortage of skilled workers in parts cleaning: Portal handling takes over automated loading and unloading.

Parts cleaning has become an increasing focus of operations in the manufacture of parts and components in recent years. The process-safe, durable end product that functions with high repeatability requires cleanly cleaned components.

Skills shortage hits home – automation offers solution

In addition to the increasing purity requirements, the personnel cost factor must also be taken into account. Integrating parts cleaning optimally into the production process means, in addition to the basic requirement for cleanliness, also considering parts handling and transport into and through the cleaning system. One of the goals is to reduce the number of personnel required for handling. This aspect plays a particularly important role at present, as the shortage of skilled workers is also having an increasing impact on mechanical engineering. The issue of a shortage of skilled workers has been under discussion for some time, but now it’s getting serious. High-birth-rate cohorts are retiring. The total of junior staff is significantly lower.

Automation options in parts cleaning

The solution to the challenge of freeing up personnel capacity can be quite banal: Automation – This is exactly where BvL comes in with a variety of options for operating the cleaning system without personnel. The list includes, for example, the automated roller conveyor with insertion and removal of baskets, the fully automated gantry loader solution, robotic loading, the tripod, the flexible conveyor belt, chain conveyors, and so on.

Interface coordination for process reliability

Interface coordination and coordination with mechanical, electrical and “cold” hardware as well as software interfaces must be handled well and safely so that the production process runs smoothly. BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has already realized numerous projects in this area in recent years and has special know-how in the integration of cleaning systems into the production process. BvL cleaning systems integrate well into the production flow and are precisely matched to the production-internal conveyor technology. Regardless of whether it is an island or inline solution, the internal operational processes determine the design of the cleaning system.

As one of the market leaders for aqueous parts cleaning systems, BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH has permanently optimized its range of systems to meet the high cleanliness requirements. From general component cleaning from the outside to targeted cleaning inside the component, such as cooling channels, blind holes, undercuts, BvL produces the appropriate cleaning technology.

Example of automated unmanned operation of Niagara basket washer with gantry loader

A manufacturer of drive components for agricultural machinery produces shafts, gears and housings using the machining equipment available in large numbers. In production, the decision was made to transport the parts from one machining step to the next in basket-like workpiece carrier racks. Several stackable racks are stacked on top of each other on so-called floor rollers and transported internally by tugger train. The merchandise supports are designed to protect parts from contact damage and guarantee plenty of clearance for spray or flood cleaning.
At the material station of the parts cleaning plant, the floor rollers together with their frames are parked in bays below the loading gantry. From here on, the parts cleaning system takes over. As soon as the cleaning system is free, the gantry moves over the racks to be cleaned and transfers them to the automated infeed and outfeed in front of the cleaning system.

The cleaning and drying programs of the BvL system are adapted to the manufacturer’s product carriers as required and the cleaning program runs according to the program parameters. In the meantime, the floor roller in front of the gripper is cleaned on a separate cleaning station and placed in a removal position. The cleaned goods carriers are stacked back from the gantry on the clean “tray”. When the stack height is reached, a green light releases the stack for discharge. The next machining point can be recorded.
As a result, parts cleaning requires no operator personnel and the cleaning process is performed safely and efficiently.


The BvL practical seminar on May 12, 2022, will impart important specialist knowledge on current requirements for parts cleaning and provide concrete action aids for customized planning of cleaning systems. © BvL
The BvL practical seminar on May 12, 2022, will impart important specialist knowledge on current requirements for parts cleaning and provide concrete action aids for customized planning of cleaning systems.
© BvL

Parts cleaning systems tailor-made planned

The BvL practical seminar on May 12 in Emsbüren will provide important technical information on current requirements for parts cleaning. Participants will receive concrete action aids for demand-oriented planning of cleaning systems that meet the high requirements up to fine and ultra-fine cleaning.

Highest technical cleanliness

Modern components are taking on more and more or new types of functions. This requires a high degree of cleanliness. Modern cleaning solutions are required here, which meet the high demands right down to fine and ultra-fine cleaning.
BvL Oberflächentechnik GmbH is an expert in industrial cleaning technology and knows these challenges of your customers only too well. BvL has been building cleaning systems for reliable technical cleanliness for over 30 years.

Technical lectures and practical part with machine demonstrations

Seminar participants benefit from this know-how. In this face-to-face event, you will not only receive important impulses for efficient parts cleaning, but also have the opportunity to experience machine demonstrations and washing trials live.