Now it’s even more individual

Die direkte Kommunikation beschleunigt die Parametrierung und Inbetriebnahme von intelligenten Bestands- und Neugeräten wie dem Vakuum- und Druckschalter der VSi-Serie. © Schmalz

Schmalz has updated its ControlRoom app. The most important innovation: It becomes more individual. After scanning the QR code, the user now receives information individually about his device. The app update is now available for download for Android devices in the Google Playstore and in the App Store for iOS systems.

The QR code tells the Schmalz ControlRoom app all the important data about the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex in use. © Schmalz
The QR code tells the Schmalz ControlRoom app all the important data about the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex used.
© Schmalz

Fast, simple, direct – Schmalz also attributes these attributes to its updated “ControlRoom” service app for NFC devices. What’s behind it? Until now, users could get general information about the device type used by scanning the QR code on their smartphone. Now the app not only recognizes the device in general, but also individual components of the device just scanned. When is maintenance required? And what spare parts – including optional equipment – are available? Furthermore, helpful how-to videos are available, for example on the installation of spare parts. As before, the user can easily access operating instructions and documentation as well as contact sales and service directly.

Once registered, the scanner can also assign the scanned product to the company’s own device library and save it. All internal employees have access to these. And you have an overview and access to all registered devices within the organization. Those who do not have the app installed on their mobile device can read out the data via their browser on their smartphone or tablet.
Schmalz has been applying the QR codes to all vacuum lifting aids produced in the Jumbo and VacuMaster series in Germany since 2021. Likewise, crane systems and chain hoists are equipped with the identification tags. With this digital product file, the vacuum expert is taking a logical step towards digitizing manual handling.

Smart in automation

But ControlRoom can do even more: NFC (Near Field Communication) speeds up commissioning and, in the case of intelligent Schmalz field devices, enables real-time data to be recorded and evaluated in the process. The app also displays error messages and warnings and grants access to device settings – either for initial parameterization, subsequent modification or cloning of new components. This makes the efficiency and availability of the plant visible.