New label for CO2-reduced products

Die Produkte der CliMore-Familie sind als Rohrlösungen direkt bei Benteler Steel/Tube sowie über Stahlhandelspartner des Unternehmens verfügbar. © Benteler

With the introduction of the CliMore brand, Benteler’s Steel/Tube Division will combine its CO2-reduced steels and steel tube products under a uniform and catchy product brand in the future.

At its steel plant in Lingen, Germany, Benteler Steel/Tube has been producing steel in an environmentally friendly way with an electric arc furnace for about 50 years. © Benteler
At its steel mill in Lingen, Germany, Benteler Steel/Tube has been producing steel in an environmentally friendly way for around 50 years using an electric arc furnace.
© Benteler

“Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy,” explains Ralph Mathis, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and member of the Executive Board of Benteler Steel/Tube. “CliMore, a compound of the English words for ‘climate’ and ‘more,’ unites our claim to sustainability and quality. And it reflects in a forceful way: We can achieve even more – more for the climate, more for the sustainability of our customers, more for our future.”

The use of recycled materials and green electricity has already reduced CO2 emissions for specific products by up to 85 percent compared with the blast furnace route. And Benteler is working on further improvements. To create transparency for its customers, the company will offer CliMore products in three sustainability categories. These show in each case how steels and tubes were produced and which energy sources were used for them.

The products of the CliMore family are available as tube solutions directly from Benteler Steel/Tube and through the company’s steel trading partners. “The fact that well-known manufacturers from industry and the automotive industry are already working with CliMore confirms this: We are on the right track,” Mathis continues.

Steel production at the Lingen electric steel plant currently already generates about 75 percent less CO2 than steel production via the usual blast furnace route. © Benteler
Steel production at the Lingen electric steel mill currently already generates around 75 percent less CO2 than steel production via the usual blast furnace route.
© Benteler

From Advantage to Excellence: Three sustainability classes

By using sustainably produced steels and pipes, customers can effectively reduce their upstream emissions from purchased goods. “With our CliMore products, we support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals,” Mathis emphasizes. The CliMore label features three levels: Advantage, Ambition and Excellence. In each of the three stages, low-emission steel is produced from scrap using the electric arc furnace – this recycling alone already saves up to 75 percent of CO2 emissions compared with the new production of steel from iron ore in the classic blast furnace route.

In the Ambition level, additional green electricity is used in the pipe mills and for the operation of the electric arc furnace. This results in a saving of up to 85 percent of CO2 emissions.
The highest Excellence level will also focus in the future on electrification of the plants or green hydrogen as an energy source for process heat in the production of steel and its processing into tubes. This level is not yet available at the launch of the new CliMore product brand.

Green pipes: The path to climate neutrality by 2045

Sustainability is a high priority at Benteler. The company’s high-quality tubes are used in wind and solar power plants and electric vehicles, among other applications. With its “Green Tubes” strategy, Benteler Steel/Tube established a roadmap for decarbonizing the company at an early stage. The strategy aims to reduce direct and indirect CO2 emissions (Scope 1&2) to zero by 2030. In addition, by 2030, upstream other emissions (scope 3) be reduced by 30 percent and fall to zero by 2045.