New dimensions of standardization

New Bihler LM 2000-KT linear machine for efficient production of stamped and bent parts from strip material in medium and high batch sizes. © Bihler
New Bihler LM 2000-KT linear machine for efficient production of stamped and bent parts from strip material in medium and high batch sizes. © Bihler

Bihler will be presenting the two LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC linear machines for the first time at EuroBlech. The highly standardized machine platforms offer new manufacturing dimensions with uniform, linear mold technology.

The LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC are the latest developments in Bihler’s punch-bending machine portfolio. The state-of-the-art machines are designed as purely linear machine tools with cams or servo units for the production of stamped and bent parts from strip material.

The focus is on medium and high batch sizes with the LM 2000-KT and small and medium batch sizes with the LM 2000-NC. In contrast to classic mechanical stamping-bending machines and their special individual tools, the two machines are fully tool-compatible with standard linear tools – Leantool Linear type, parts from the Leantool Linear or the user’s linear tool standard.

“This standardization benefits, for example, customers who produce medium quantities of an order on the GRM-NC and now have to deliver higher volumes,” explains Mathias Bihler, Managing Partner. “They can then simply transfer their punching and bending tool one-to-one to the LM 2000-KT according to the plug & produce principle and start production immediately.” Standard interfaces and quick mold clamping functions on the machine guarantee very fast, 100 percent reproduced setup.

“Plug & Produce”

The LM 2000-KT and LM 2000-NC have a particularly robust design in accordance with the clearly defined range of applications and performance capabilities, and have been reduced to the absolutely essential functions in terms of punching, bending and embossing. The compact machine body in integral design comprises as basic configuration the infeed module, the press module, three bending modules (cam-controlled or servo-controlled) and two center punches. The machine body also integrates the electrical hardware for the machine, drive elements and VC 1 control.

If required, the two linear machines can also be expanded for the processes of welding, thread forming, screw joining or up to five bending modules. “A total of 2,000 mm machining length is available on the machine platen for this purpose. This allows corresponding process modules to be seamlessly integrated into the basic machines and the production sequence for more added value – including fast setup and changeover,” explains Mathias Bihler.

Meusburger standard cutting frames type SBH and SBP can be used in the standardized press installation space. Integrated sensors in all machine and machining components ensure consistently high process reliability and the possibility of predictive maintenance.

For more sustainability, all machining units are connected to a circulating oil lubrication system. And with direct drives, users benefit from more energy-efficient part production.


Euroblech Hall 27, Booth E104