Monitor and control processes

Das Touchpanel ist intuitiv zu bedienen und stellt relevante Prozessdaten anschaulich zur Verfügung. © Tox

Tox Pressotechnik expands its portfolio and launches the Tox-UDI (Universal Data Interface) panel as an intelligent addition to the products of the latest software generation. This has an integrated PC and works with Tox software on a hardened Linux operating system for optimal IT security. Via the integrated touch screen, the user can control the system, visualize it, and have process data saved and processed.

The panel combines the control and visualization of a plant with the storage and processing of process data and offers interfaces to the cloud, e.g. via MQTT or OPC UA. © Tox
The panel combines the control and visualization of a plant with the storage and processing of process data and offers interfaces to the cloud, e.g. via MQTT or OPC UA.
© Tox

The central element of the intuitive panel is the implemented Tox software with so-called “middleware functionality”. This processes data from processes and makes it available for various communication standards such as MQTT or OPC UA. In addition, the information can be stored on the internal hard disk or on the server via the network.

Relevant process data is displayed using the intuitive Tox software. “The functionality goes far beyond that of a visualizing human-machine interface (HMI). The Universal Data Interface paves the way for digital connectivity with regard to IoT and Industry 4.0,” explains Fabian Bodenstein, the product manager responsible.
Users can apply the panel wherever Tox software 3.x is used, such as the Tox-ElectricDrive Core drive solution. This allows quality data to be stored and transmitted to the cloud.

As the central intelligence and visualization of the operator interface, the control panel is already integrated as standard on the Tox-FlexPress Compact assembly workstation. Machining results are displayed clearly and, if necessary, transferred to higher-level systems.
A 240 GB hard drive, in the 21 inch version the hard drive has 256 GB, offers the possibility to archive and track data. The UDI panel is easy to mount and well protected against dirt and other negative environmental influences due to its enclosed, fanless IP66 design. It is suitable for ambient temperatures from 0 to +40 degrees Celsius.

For mounting on a support arm or as a built-in variant, the UDI Panel is available in 13 and 21 inches. In addition, a 10-inch panel is available as a handheld version. For applications that do not require a display, the new system is also available as a control cabinet version Tox-UDI Module.


Tox Pressotechnik is a supplier of presses and components for the sheet metal processing industry. Since its founding in 1978, the family-owned company has developed into a global player with more than 1400 employees worldwide, 550 of them at the headquarters in Weingarten near Ravensburg. The success story began with a pneumohydraulic drive – the Tox power pack. In the meantime, the “Components” division also includes above all the electromechanical servo presses as well as control systems, sensor technology and software for process monitoring and quality assurance. The “Systems” area includes various presses as well as hand, machine and robot tongs. Another mainstay is modern sheet metal joining processes, including Tox Clinch technology, with which the company is now the market leader.

Tox Pressotechnik’s drives, processes and systems are used by automotive manufacturers and their suppliers as well as by manufacturers of household appliances, electronic components and furniture. Special versions of the Tox drives are also approved for the food industry.
Tox Pressotechnik has a global presence: 18 subsidiaries, including in the USA, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Europe, as well as around 20 representatives in many other markets support and advise users locally.