Laser measuring device for profile mill

TBK delivers world's largest laser measuring device PROgauge to Masteel. © SMS
TBK delivers world's largest laser measuring device PROgauge to Masteel. © SMS

Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (Masteel) commissions TBK Automatisierung und Messtechnik GmbH in Graz, a company of the SMS Group, with the supply of the Progauge laser light section measuring device. Masteel will thus extend its heavy section mill from SMS by the possibility to measure sections inline and to detect and analyze surface defects that may occur during the rolling process.

The Progauge system including SurfTec surface defect detection system is installed inside the heavy section mill between the CCS (Compact Cartridge Stand) tandem rolling group and the control cooling device. This placement allows Masteel to identify deviations in the profile dimension and surface defects during the production process while still hot at 800 to 1,100 degrees Celsius, so that parameters affecting production can be readjusted while the production process is still running. This reduces start-up and downtime as well as scrap material and production costs.

The TBK Progauge 1300/600-8ES is used at Masteel for the measurement of H-sections with a web height of up to 1,100 millimetres and flange widths of up to 500 millimetres as well as for sheet piles with dimensions of 600 by 310 millimetres. According to SMS, this makes the device a world record size, as the largest laser-based light-section measuring device currently available on the global market.

SMS Group is responsible for the entire mechanical and electrical integration of the Progauge laser measuring device into the line. This also includes the engineering of the heavy inlet and outlet guides in order to guide the profiles cleanly and to protect the progauge from damage.

Commissioning of the Progauge laser gauge and SurfTec surface defect detection is scheduled for January 2022 by SMS Group and via remote support by TBK.

Masteel belongs to the China Baowu Steel Group Co., Ltd. and is located in Ma’anshan, Anhui Province, China. The company has already relied on the cooperation with the SMS Group for several years: The heavy section mill was ordered from SMS in 2017 and commissioned in 2020.

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