Investment in the future

Mit dem Hebegerät ET-Hover-loop lassen sich glatte und strukturierte Oberflächen bis 500 kg horizontal oder vertikal handeln und wenden um 180° mittels Linearantrieb. © Eurotech

At Blechexpo, Eurotech will present a selection of its products. The company Eurotech Vertriebs GmbH from Rosenfeld is a medium-sized company and offers a comprehensive portfolio of vacuum lifting devices with innovatively designed components from its own production. The sheet metal industry in particular benefits from the special advantages of the flexible supplier.

The ET-Hover lifting devices in the Allround, Loop, Univac and Univac-line versions will be on display. Depending on the version, these enable ergonomic and semi-automated handling of loads with smooth and textured surfaces up to a maximum load capacity of 750 kg. In addition to horizontal and vertical pick-up and guidance, these offer a convenient 360° rotation range and/or an electromechanical swivel range of up to 180°. Manufacturers of bent sheets for use in agriculture, the chemical and food industries, or in the building sector, and many others, also benefit from the advantageous vacuum handling with an ET-Hover Univac. With ET-Grabo, the world’s first battery-powered vacuum hand vacuum, Eurotech shows its clever lifting aid for manual and relieving carrying and lifting of lighter loads. In addition to the lifting equipment on display, Eurotech’s portfolio also includes lifting equipment with capacities higher than 750 kg.

Individual customer solutions and service

In addition to the versatile standard models of the ET-Hover family of lifting equipment, which are ideal for sheet metal handling, Eurotech is also able to develop customer-oriented. As a flexible manufacturer of both vacuum lifting devices and vacuum components, each model series can be adapted to individual lifting tasks. A good example is the specialist in sheet metal storage “Storemaster”. For its successful “MasterTower” storage system, Eurotech developed a vacuum lifting device that, with its flat design and intelligent control technology, is integrated into the heavy-duty sheet metal storage system.
Comprehensive service such as after-sale, training, commissioning, UVV inspections of hoists and light overcranes is a matter of course for Eurotech, according to its own statements.

Future-oriented and ergonomic vacuum lifting technology

Companies see the handling of sheet metal using vacuum technology as a key competence for increasing efficiency. Vacuum technology from Eurotech offers significant added value through partial automation. This meets the goals of the lean production approach and helps to save time and costs. In addition, vacuum technology serves occupational safety and health protection, as the physical strain caused by manual lifting operations is significantly reduced. Against the backdrop of an increasingly aging workforce, combined with a shortage of labor and concerns about young talent, Eurotech’s extensive vacuum know-how provides an adequate relief option.

Components for sustainable and economical handling

In terms of ecology and economy, Eurotech has high standards in the field of components and accessories. Usually, seals and suction plates are inseparably connected. After their wear, they must then be disposed of together and replaced. With Eurotech, this has been intelligently solved: the base plate remains mounted. Only the worn seals are pulled off and replaced with new ones. Another advantage is the possibility of combining an extensive range of seals in different materials and sizes to suit different surfaces. Both save costs and time in handling the components and protect the environment.

Intelligently avoid imprints on surfaces

Another highlight are the MTC protective covers for vacuum cups developed and proven by Eurotech. Originally developed over 20 years ago for handling delicate glass surfaces, the MTCs are also ideally suited for sheet metal processing. They leave hardly any marks on the sensitive sheet metal surfaces and suction marks are largely avoided. This is a must, especially for high-gloss finished surfaces. The very lightweight MTCs are tear-resistant, conformable, breathable and lint-free.

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