Individual security live

Pilz offers personal advice on safe automation solutions and services at the "all about automation" trade fairs. © Pilz
Pilz offers personal advice on safe automation solutions and services at the "all about automation" trade fairs. © Pilz

Economical solutions for safe automation – including comprehensive services: This is Pilz’s focus at the regional trade fairs for industrial automation “all about automation” in Hamburg (29. and June 30, 2022) and in Chemnitz (September 28 and 29, 2022). The automation expert will be showing modular safety gate systems that meet the requirements of both safety and security. Visitors can test for themselves live with the myPNOZ Configurator how easily individual security solutions can be created today.

Pilz will be demonstrating the different options and variants for safety gate protection live on site. Visitors to the trade fair will experience all flexibly applicable components for safety gate monitoring and access control in action: In addition to the mechanical safety gate system PSENmech with guard locking, this also includes the door handle module PSENmlock for safe interlocking and guard locking up to the highest safety category PL e with integrated, optional escape release, which is particularly suitable for more complex applications.

Added to this is the PITgatebox operating unit with new preconfigured variants with combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and emergency stop buttons for easy operation of safety gate systems. Together with the integrated new PITmode fusion readout unit, Pilz offers an economical solution for safe access control to plant and machinery and safe mode selection. The solution thus covers the requirements for safety and security. With the configurable, safe mini control system PNOZmulti 2, Pilz is also presenting a future-proof solution for implementing numerous safety functions with maximum flexibility of use.

Safety in batch size 1

In addition to the safety gate guarding, the new myPNOZ modular safety switching device will also be on display. It can be individually assembled via the myPNOZ Creator online tool. myPNOZ monitors the safety functions emergency stop, safety gate, light curtain, two-hand IIIA/C and enabling switch. The safety switchgear is delivered pre-assembled, adjusted as well as tested and is thus a ready-to-install and completely individualized system. The logic for linking the safety functions is already defined via the plug-in sequence, so programming knowledge is not necessary. Visitors to the booth can test the myPNOZ Creator at the trade shows and create their security solution live.

“Safety & Security” Talk

Anyone who would like to learn more about customized safety is invited to attend the presentation “With myPNOZ to your customized safety” in the “Safety” topic block at the trade fair in Hamburg. Our experts explain the novel, digitally end-to-end process that includes creation, simulation, ordering and commissioning in myPNOZ Creator.
In Chemnitz, experts from Pilz invite you to an in-depth exchange of knowledge in the “Safety & Security” topic block in the presentation “Safety gate solutions – but safe!” and talk about new solutions for monitoring, locking and operating safety gates. Both lecture series are available free of charge to all trade fair visitors.