Human Machine Interface Meviweb convinces

The newly developed control and regulation software Meviweb of IMS Messsysteme GmbH wins an iF Design Award as second award after the Red Dot. © IMS
The newly developed control and regulation software Meviweb of IMS Messsysteme GmbH wins an iF Design Award as second award after the Red Dot. © IMS

To be the winner of the world-renowned iF Design Award is a very special distinction, which IMS Messsysteme GmbH can now also be pleased about. 2021 already won the Red Dot Design Award, the MEVIweb human machine interface developed in-house recently received another prestigious honor with the Industrie Forum Design.

Since its launch last year, customers of IMS Messsysteme GmbH, based in Heiligenhaus, North Rhine-Westphalia, have benefited not only from the high-performance measurement technology, but also from a forward-looking control and regulation software, which was able to convince two independent juries in particular with its user-friendliness.

Meviweb is the name of the in-house developed control and regulation software of IMS Messsysteme GmbH, which replaces the automation system Mevinet as a logical further development. The novel HMI is based – with a focus on the user and his individual requirements – on the latest technology standards and additionally takes into account the specific requirements and environmental conditions of the primary application areas in rolling mills.

As a logical consequence, Meviweb is designed as a freely configurable software solution that can be programmed via an HMI editor to suit the customer and measuring system. Operators of IMS measuring systems have a clearly structured overview of the most important analysis data of the measuring systems at any time on the modern-looking user interface.

The modern information design and visually unambiguous status feedback enable the user to maintain a concrete overview of the status of the individual plants and to evaluate the extensive amounts of data easily and quickly. In addition, a fold-out control panel provides DeepL access to basic system functions for immediate response to changing system status.

The first field reports from users for measurement, control, visualization, and thus quality management via the HMI-Meviweb, are positive and confirm the theoretically targeted advantages of the novel user interface in practical application. Particular points here are the speed and the browser-based, clear and variable display of the software, which can also be used on mobile devices.

Overall, the usability of the innovative Meviweb control technology convinced the two independent juries, and the first users alike, with the following criteria:

– Use of current technologies (JavaScript, NodeJS, HTML5, CSS, JSON)
– Open communication with standardized, non-proprietary interfaces
– Large test coverage with unit tests, integration tests and simulation
– Platform-independent use of operating systems (Windows, Linux, …)
– Unified configuration tools & improved user experience
– Configuration via the web
– Use of smartphones and tablet possible
– Modern look with various customizable themes
– Clearly structured, user-friendly interface
– Extended range of functions