“Green” steel arouses great interest

Auf dem Dialogmarkt kamen die Experten von Thyssenkrupp Steel aus den verschiedenen Abteilungen mit Anwohnern und Interessierten ins Gespräch. © Thyssenkrupp Steel

Many discussions and great interest: At another dialog market in November, thyssenkrupp Steel provided information on the progress of planning for the construction of the new direct reduction plant. ThyssenKrupp Steel experts from the various departments were on hand to talk to local residents and interested parties, answer questions and explain how the new plant works.

The direct reduction plant is being built on the site at the southern port between Alt-Walsum and Fahrn. Thyssenkrupp Steel would like to involve the local community in this process and explain what will be happening on the site over the next few years. Once again, thyssenkrupp Steel invited guests to the Alt-Walsum restaurant “Zum Johanniter”.

Transformation of steel production in Duisburg

The direct reduction plant with two downstream smelters is to be built on the site between Alt-Walsum and Fahrn by the end of 2026 and will produce pig iron with climate-neutral hydrogen in the long term. The plant is the first major step towards decarbonizing steel production at the Duisburg site. All steel production is to be climate-neutral by 2045 at the latest. In this way, thyssenkrupp Steel sees itself as a frontrunner and pioneer of the green transformation, positioning itself competitively for the future and securing jobs in Duisburg.

Great interest: Open dialog remains a successful model

Many people from the surrounding area visited the Dialogmarkt to find out about these upcoming changes. They all took the opportunity to obtain detailed information on the direct reduction plant and the upcoming transformation directly from the responsible experts at individual topic islands. Questions on topics such as transformation, safety, the environment, logistics and many more were raised and discussed in a lively manner.
In addition, Thyssenkrupp Steel displayed numerous exhibits at the Dialogmarkt, including a model of the new plant complex under construction. In addition to this model, the company showed input materials and products from the various process stages as well as visualizations of the plant from different perspectives of the urban area. All materials shown at the Dialogmarkt can be viewed on the project website.

The dialog continues

For thyssenkrupp Steel, the format of the dialog markets sets an example for an ongoing, long-term and transparent dialog with citizens and interested stakeholders. Current information on the planned direct reduction plant is available at https://transformation.thyssenkrupp-steel.com. Interested parties can also find the visualizations and posters that Thyssenkrupp Steel presented at the Dialogmarkt here.