Fast and safe separation of sheet metal stacks

Mit einem Gewicht von 14 kg ist der Spreizmagnet leicht zu transportieren. © Goudsmit

The mobile, reversible spreading magnet recently developed by Goudsmit Magnetics of Waalre provides fast and safe separation of adhesive or oiled steel sheets up to a thickness of about 4 mm.

The magnetic package can be easily switched on and off by a rotating mechanism. © Goudsmit
The magnetic package can be easily switched on and off by a rotary mechanism.
© Goudsmit

Spreading magnets prevent two sheets from being picked up at the same time, which can interrupt the automated process and damage tools and molds.

Equipped with a strong neodymium magnet, the spreading magnet is operated by hand and is much lighter than previous versions. With a weight of 14 kg, it is easy to transport and flexible to use, also because it does not require a power connection. The magnetic package can be easily switched on and off by a rotary mechanism. The strength is variably adjustable and no air pressure is needed; this makes them durable and flexible.

The visible, switchable magnetic field and the resulting absence of radiation magnetism also make the system very safe to use. Goudsmit has developed the mobile sheet metal separator specifically for the automotive sector and has now included it in its standard delivery program.
The spreading magnet is also well suited for use in other semi-automatic processes, such as on press systems and laser cutting machines.

Expanding solenoids are used in the sheet metal processing industry and in automated production cells, among other applications. Since the steel sheets are oiled or for some other reason can stick together, several sheets can be stacked at the same time. This leads to production losses as well as to the already mentioned damage to dies and tools.

The use of strong neodymium plate separators ensures that the plates – despite the oil film – separate from each other and can then be lifted off the stack individually. The manually adjustable magnetic field ensures a safe and sustainable working environment and prevents unnecessary delays in the production process.


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