16th Blechexpo 2023 – more than a trade fair

Blechexpo und Schweisstec finden parallel vom 7. bis 10. November in Stuttgart statt. © P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG

Hardly a congress without an exhibition, hardly a trade fair without an accompanying program. Blechexpo 2023 is no exception.

Completely unthinkable a few years ago, one topic now dominates steel producers and processors: the decarbonization of the steel industry. And so two events on the first two days of Blechexpo are dedicated to the “green transformation”.

The “Blechexpo Stahl Convent 2023” will take place at noon on the first day of the trade fair.
© P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG

Steel Communication

On 07 November 2023, the 1st day of Blechexpo in Stuttgart, there will be an additional highlight: After the successful start in 2021, the trade fair organizers, P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG, have decided to hold the “Blechexpo Stahl Convent 2023”. Its motto is “Challenges on the steel markets in 2023”. The convention is organized by the Stahl-Kommunikation agency. The event will be held at Congress West, at Hall 10.
In times of climate protection, new, energy- and climate-friendly methods for steel production are being researched worldwide and in some cases have already been successfully implemented. The “green transformation” of industry has been pursued with great vigor for some time. Decarbonization is on everyone’s lips, and green hydrogen is supposed to help make steel production lower in emissions. It is only logical that, while this protects the climate and the environment, it has also led to an enormous increase in costs along the steel process chain.

The situation is further aggravated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which is further exacerbating the situation on the steel markets.
Renowned speakers from leading international companies will speak about this complex of topics and discuss them with the visitors of the convention.
The event will begin at 12:00. Participation is free of charge.

Future Steel

On the second day of Blechexpo/Schweisstec, the “FutureSteel” congress will be held in cooperation with Marketsteel Media from Düsseldorf. The event focuses on the future of the steel industry and the topic of Green Steel. With high-caliber speakers, the congress is aimed directly at the steel industry: steel producers, steel traders/SSCs, and processors, all of whom are facing huge changes.
Some topics from the main program have already been determined:
– Where does the European steel industry stand today in international comparison and where is it headed?
– How we are shaping the industry of tomorrow with Green Steel
– What do current energy price developments mean for the steel industry?
– How modern automation can support the decarbonization of the process industry
– What does digitization look like in metalworking (practical example)?
– What challenges does the steel trade face?
– What new product, service and software solutions are available?

Best Award

Another highlight at the 16th Blechexpo will be the presentation of the “Best Award 2023”, which trade fair promoter Schall is organizing together with the trade magazines “Blechnet” and “MM Maschinenmarkt” for the sixth time. The new designation highlights the high quality status of the competition. All entries will be reviewed and evaluated by a panel of experts from industry, associations, research institutes and the trade press. The aim is to award the best innovations in the sheet metal processing industry, in each case in their specialist category.
The awards ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. on the first day of the fair.