When the cordless screwdriver replaces the crane

Der RUD Tecdos TMB ist kompakt und flexibel im Betrieb einsetzbar. © RUD

Turning shapes, tools and even particularly large workpieces up to 2.5 tons with the cordless screwdriver? You can. And that’s thanks to the new RUD Tecdos TMB.

The latest innovation from the drive technology specialist based in Aalen (Baden-Württemberg) is a novel 2-in-1 combination of industrial workbench and turning table. It can be used not only to turn light and medium-heavy tools efficiently, but also to service them directly on the spot. Without loss of time. In addition, the RUD Tecdos TMB saves space and protects the infrastructure in the workshop and plant. Particularly practical: Thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, the RUD Tecdos TMB can be used flexibly throughout the plant.
The new RUD Tecdos TMB has a table size of 80 cm x 80 cm and accommodates tools and molds up to 2.5 tons. It is suitable for use in tool and mold making, injection molding and die casting, stamping, bending and forming technology, but also in the automotive, medical technology, electronics or packaging industries.

Innovative 2-in-1 combination: The RUD Tecdos TMB ... © RUD
Innovative 2-in-1 combination: The RUD Tecdos TMB …

Portfolio rounded

“Especially in this weight class, users have been faced with a dilemma up to now. Most parts are simply too heavy for manual handling, but a crane is also not efficient for handling just 2.5 tons. This is no longer necessary, because with our new RUD Tecdos TMB, the turning process can be carried out quite simply with a cordless screwdriver. It’s great that we have found an innovative solution for efficient, ergonomic and safe handling, especially for light and medium weights. This is a real enrichment and rounding off of our portfolio,” explains Anne Kühling, Product Manager for the Conveying and Driving Division of RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG.

Users see it the same way. “With the Tecdos TMB from RUD, we are able to safely turn over injection molds even if no crane is available at the corresponding location. Especially the high level of work safety you get when working with this table is absolutely outstanding,” confirms Ralph Straberger, Managing Director of E. Straberger + Söhne Werkzeugbau GmbH based in Kirchheim (Baden-Württemberg).

... is an industrial workbench and turning table in one. © RUD
… is industrial workbench and turning table in one.

A triple of innovations

The new industrial workbench with integrated turning table is already the third innovation in the RUD Mold Handling Solutions division, following the new generation of the RUD Tecdos TM turning device and the RUD Tecdos TS mold opener.
The impetus for the new development came directly from the market, namely from the Netherlands. “In the Benelux countries, the molds are generally somewhat smaller and lighter. For the ranges of up to 2.5 tons, however, there has been no adequate handling solution up to now; in most cases, rope and crane have been used. This is dangerous and not good for the employees’ backs,” emphasizes Anne Kühling. In response, RUD not only configured its proven RUD Tecdos TM turning table somewhat smaller – for weights up to 2.5 tons – but also integrated an industrial workbench at the same time. This means that both steps, i.e. turning and subsequent work on the mold, can be performed in one place and on a single device – for an accelerated and optimized overall process.

Ergonomic and safe work

With the RUD Tecdos TMB, however, work and repairs to the tools are not only quick and easy, but above all safe and ergonomic. The RUD Tecdos TMB turns tools and molds up to 2.5 tons by 90 degrees and can remain in any angular position during the turning process. This means that employees can easily work on the complete mold during maintenance. Even with the table height, which corresponds to common workbenches, it is particularly comfortable and ergonomic to work on the tools.
The RUD Tecdos TMB can be attached directly to existing workbenches and can thus be perfectly integrated into the plant equipment and operating processes. Optional side table supports serve as an extended industrial workbench, storage or assembly surface. Particularly practical: To ensure that tools for maintenance are always within reach, drawers can also be attached to the RUD Tecdos TMB.

The crane has a break

Crane and rope for handling workpieces, tools and molds are often no longer necessary thanks to RUD Tecdos TMB; they can be used for other purposes. The industrial workbench with integrated turning table enables absolutely DGUV-compliant safe working. “Anyone who drags loads across the hall floor with a crane or pulls them at an angle is not only working dangerously, but also against current standards, because §37 of the accident prevention regulations for cranes issued by the employers’ liability insurance associations expressly prohibits this,” says Kühling.

A well-rounded solution: integrated Tecdos drive

The turning table integrated in the industrial workbench is designed for axial rotary movements of tools and machine components up to 2.5 tons, thus guaranteeing safe turning and rotating of loads. The turning process takes place at the center of gravity of the load and is therefore absolutely smooth and safe. The connection to the cordless screwdriver is made via a special plug attachment. The turning table is equipped with the high-end Tecdos drive system, which provides rotation in the turning process.

Compact and flexible

With its compact dimensions of approximately 118 cm x 67 cm (L x W), the RUD Tecdos TMB is particularly space-saving and flexible to use in the plant and workshop and can be moved by pallet truck, forklift or crane. Another advantage: The RUD Tecdos TMB protects the entire infrastructure, such as the workshop floor or crane, because the tools and machine components to be serviced no longer have to be pulled across the hall.

Cool move – even for five-ton tools

Molds and dies weighing up to five tons: One step above the TMB is the new RUD Tecdos TM 08/10-5, but it is the “small version” of the TM mold turner. With its latest innovation, RUD is further expanding its Mold Handling Solutions division. The five-ton variant closes the gap between the classic RUD Tecdos TM for tools and molds up to 64 tons and the RUD Tecdos TMB, the 2-in-1 combination of industrial workbench and turning table, for tools and molds up to 2.5 tons.