Voortman presents the solution to prevent stock losses: Red Tooling System

© Voortman
© Voortman

Almost every company recognizes this situation: you’re just getting into the swing of production, when one or more tools suddenly fail you. The result: machine downtime, missed deadlines, customers wondering when their products will be delivered and employees scratching their heads because there are no replacement tools available. You simply can’t afford to lose time because tools let you down or are simply out of stock.

With the development of the Red Tooling System (RTS), Voortman Steel Machinery has developed an even innovative as efficient solution to prevent from stock losses and machine downtime. Because all tools are always present in one central location, the user always has access to the right tools, while the quality of the end products is guaranteed.
What is the Red Tooling System?

RTS is a stock cabinet that is automatically (re)filled with tools or consumables needed for your business operations. With this system the right tools are always within reach. All at one central location in the workshop. The RTS system is equipped with smart software to provide insight into the current stock level. When (part of) the stock needs to be replenished, Voortman receives a notification. Shortly afterwards we send the tools needed to replenish the stock.

Maximum uptime of the machines guaranteed

With RTS, Voortman helps to manage the tool stock and the ordering process. Therefore, maximum uptime of machines is guaranteed and the customer does not have to worry about the continuity and quality of his production process.
The main benefits of RTS in short:
• Maintaining stock levels
• Increasing processing up-time
• Ensuring product quality
• Centralized location for all tools
• Always the right tool at your disposal
• Fully automated ordering process
• Dashboarding for process insights

Enthusiastic feedback of customers

The reactions of customers to Voortman’s Red Tooling System were enthusiastic. This feedback and the knowledge that we can further optimize the workflow and achieve greater efficiency for our customers are reasons for us to further roll out the Red Tooling System.