Save where you can!

Thomas-Alexander Weber, Geschäftsführer der Hezinger Maschinen GmbH © Hezinger

In an energy crisis, energy-intensive industries like sheet metal working usually don’t have much room to maneuver. Because how can and should you react quickly to the changed situation? When investing in new machinery, the issue of energy efficiency is more important today than ever before. Here, Hezinger Maschinen GmbH demonstrates how valuable energy can be saved with the help of intelligent controls.

Sheet metal processing, i.e. bending, pressing and cutting sheet metal, are per se very energy-intensive processes. Machines for sheet metal working are equipped with hydraulic and electric systems. In practice, the machines usually run at full load. All machines from Hezinger Maschinen GmbH have a stand-by mode that automatically reduces the energy-intensive hydraulics when the machine is not in use and makes it quickly ready for use again when required.

In addition, Hezinger machines for sheet metal processing offer high efficiency. With the guillotine shears, the perfect cutting angle is automatically calculated and set. Round bending machines align themselves according to the selected material thickness, and waterjet and plasma cutting systems optimize the ideal, most material-friendly sheet metal cut by means of self-calculated cutting patterns.

“Energy as a resource has long since ceased to be a priority for environmental policy reasons alone; in the meantime, it has unfortunately become a decisive factor in Germany in determining the viability of businesses,” says Thomas-Alexander Weber, Managing Director of Hezinger Maschinen GmbH. “Mechanical engineering is responding accordingly. We, too, offer hybrid machines, electric drives and downsizing depending on the area of application,” says Weber.

For more than 42 years, the expertise of Hezinger Maschinen GmbH has been in mechanical engineering for sheet metal processing. The company focuses on cutting, forming, bending and deburring for variant and semi-automatic operation. Hezinger is a manufacturer that produces throughout Europe. According to Hezinger, this ensures the customer a “unique price-performance ratio as well as German quality standards and corresponding warranties.” Thanks to many years of mechanical engineering expertise, Hezinger provides needs-based advice and produced corresponding special designs on request.