Cut or milled?

Cevisa bietet neben dem Scheren auch das Kantenfräsen an. © Cevisa

Castellanos y Echevarría – Vitoria, S.A. (Cevisa) will present its latest solutions for weld seam preparation of tubes and sheets at Schweissen & Schneiden 2023. The welding edge processing machines are designed for the production of welding edges on sheets with a thickness between 4 mm and 100 mm.

© Cevisa
© Cevisa

In Hall 8, at Cevisa’s booth 8A13, visitors can see two technologies for bevel cutting: Shearing and Milling.

Cevisa offers three different sizes of scissors:
– the CHP-7 for sheet thicknesses from 4 to 16 mm, which is very popular in aluminum and welding schools
– the 12 series, the most versatile model for sheet thicknesses from 6 to 30 mm;
– and the CHP-21G series for sheets from 9 to 50 mm.

Three different models are available for machine chamfering:
– the CHP-30G for sheet thicknesses from 4 to 50 mm
– and the CHP-60G models, one for upper bevels and one for lower bevels, which can process sheet thicknesses from 4 mm to
100 mm and can produce chamfers up to 60 mm in steel, stainless steel and hard steels.

All machines are designed for high machining quality and high working speed. Deformations or changes in the material properties were absolutely taboo for the developers.