Where the heat is on

Die Handschuhe isolieren so gut, dass selbst Gussteile mit Temperaturen weit über 1.000 °C berührt werden können. © Jutec

With the new “Heat Protection Compact” package, which Jutec is presenting at Gifa, the company is giving safety professionals a tool with which they can create maximum safety for their colleagues at workplaces exposed to heat.

Jutec holistically adapts personal protective equipment to the conditions at the heat workplace. © Jutec
Jutec matches the personal protective equipment holistically to the conditions at the heat workplace.
© Jutec

Heat workplaces – for example in the steel and aluminum industry, in foundries and at heat treatment plants – require individual solutions, because each workplace poses different challenges for personal protective equipment (PPE). In daily practice, safety professionals in this field have to comply with a large number of complex regulations and laws.

With “Heat Protection Compact”, Jutec provides its customers with a package of concrete measures that are individually tailored to the respective workplace. It includes an action plan covering all steps from the analysis of the situation at the respective workplace to certification in accordance with the PPE Protection Ordinance.

Jutec’s experts accompany the selection process in five steps:

1. analysis of the actual state on site
2. assessment of risk and hazard, which is obligatory for every project
3. recommendations for the selection of suitable and approved fabrics as well as the entire protective clothing with regard to safety and wearing comfort
4. proof of safety – among other things with a pour-over test with liquid metal
5. certification of the heat protection solution used with the Jutec seal, which confirms that all rules and regulations have been complied with.

Stephan Muscheites, the sales manager at Jutec, knows the situation of the practitioners: “We know that safety professionals are constantly confronted with new directives from different areas. And heat workplaces are only a small part of this. That’s why we developed “Heat Protection Compact”: With a structured process and the final certification, our customers are sure that the PPE regulation for heat-exposed work is complied with and that employees work safely on site.”